Day and Weekend Workshops

For a one-day or weekend experience, visit our campus in the Netherlands. A great way to start is with the introductory workshop A Taste, a 24-hour experience offered at a low price that takes place every few months.

You can also browse our calendar and start with any of the 80 weekend workshops and events that we hold throughout the year in the Netherlands and abroad. Choose from themes like emotional awareness, friendship, sexuality, personal power, trauma healing, creativity and more.

If you would like help deciding which course is best for you, please contact us.

Our Upcoming Activities

  • Parents & Kids Camp
    Apr 02 (17:00) - Apr 06 (15:00)
    A unique chance for parents and kids to enjoy the Humaniversity "Buzz" together, with meditations, sharing and special attraction for the kids: games, videos, children's dinners, dancing in our house disco, the nearby dunes and beach, and much much more.
  • Tutorial Day: Dynamics of Communication
    Apr 10 (10:00 - 17:00)
    In this tutorial day we will explore all levels of communication - words, feelings, motivation and body language. What are you good at in communication, and what are the areas where you need to improve? Are you a good listener? Are you able to communicate clearly in a stressful situation?
  • From Heart to Heart
    Apr 10 (19:30) - Apr 12 (21:00)
    "The mind screams and the heart whispers." Learning to listen to your heart gives you the trust you need to go beyond your mind and follow your inner guide. In this innocent space you will be open to create genuine bridges from heart to heart. When you come into your heart space, it becomes easy to follow your intuition, passions and dreams, and make them come true this lifetime.
  • AcuEnergetics Training Level 1
    Apr 11 (9:00) - Apr 13 (19:00)
    This workshop is non-residential. Food and accommodation optional for a fee. AcuEnergetics Level 1: Skills for Living Level 1 is an eye opening experience, teaching you how to increase your awareness and sensitivity to energy. Through the meditations, energetic techniques and energetic balances, you will discover a fresh approach to all aspects of your life, learning skills to open your heart and bring you more joy, love and energy.
  • Tantric Experience
    Apr 17 (19:30) - Apr 19 (21:00)
    Tantra is an ecstatic and playful method of enjoying sensual pleasure. It is the art of becoming more sensitive, vibrant and joyful on all levels. It is the way of enlightenment through totality. By exploring all the bodily sensations of yourself and the other you will become conscious of who you are.
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