Day and Weekend Workshops

For a one-day or weekend experience, visit our campus in the Netherlands. A great way to start is with the introductory workshop A Taste, a 24-hour experience offered at a low price that takes place every few months.

You can also browse our calendar and start with any of the 80 weekend workshops and events that we hold throughout the year in the Netherlands and abroad. Choose from themes like emotional awareness, friendship, sexuality, personal power, trauma healing, creativity and more.

If you would like help deciding which course is best for you, please contact us.

Our Upcoming Activities

  • Bioenergetics Training
    Jul 09 (19:30) - Jul 14 (21:00)
    Bioenergetics is a powerful method of postures and exercises that free our life energy entangled in chronical tensions around our whole body. These tensions reflect repressed emotions held there since very early in our lives, preventing us to access our power, our passion, our love, our awareness.
  • Bioenergetics
    Jul 09 (19:30) - Jul 12 (21:00)
    Bioenergetics therapy is so effective because it bypasses the mind completely, releasing emotional tensions in your body directly through exercises, breathing and expression. With 20 years of experience as a Bioenergetics therapist, Pavita will guide you to let go of the physical and emotional blocks that stop you from living your life passionately.
  • A Taste
    Jul 11 (15:00) - Jul 12 (15:00)
    'A Taste' is our popular and exciting introduction to the work of the Humaniversity. Meet new friends, learn and share about yourself, explore your emotions and party in our nightclub. A detailed explanation and participation in the AUM Meditation is included in this workshop.
  • Caretaker Day
    Jul 16 (12:00) - Jul 17 (21:00)
    We are looking forward to meeting all the second year trainees for this year's summer adventure, WOW. From our experience of past WOWs, we know that good preparations make a big difference. With this in mind, we invite all the caretakers to arrive the day before the start of the WOW, on Thursday at around lunchtime.
  • Tan-Ju Summer training
    Jul 17 (15:00) - Aug 17 (15:00)
    Tan-Ju is a school for teenagers from all over the world, who want to go beyond education and learn about who they are, how to relate to each other, how to make friends and how to create a fulfilling life with loving relationships. For teenagers from age 14 to 20 Tan-Ju stands for Tangerine Juice, a special gang of young and juicy teenagers who want to make this world a better place to live in by being caring, open and honest.
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