Day and Weekend Workshops

For a one-day or weekend experience, visit our campus in the Netherlands. A great way to start is with the introductory workshop A Taste, a 24-hour experience offered at a low price that takes place every few months.

You can also browse our calendar and start with any of the 80 weekend workshops and events that we hold throughout the year in the Netherlands and abroad. Choose from themes like emotional awareness, friendship, sexuality, personal power, trauma healing, creativity and more.

If you would like help deciding which course is best for you, please contact us.

Our Upcoming Activities

  • Sex and Intimacy
    Apr 25 (19:30) - Apr 27 (21:00)
    Everybody wants intimacy and yet we are all afraid of it. Once you become aware of your fear of intimacy, it can become a great turning point in your life. By starting to look inward you can drop your fears and shame, and begin to accept yourself as you are and trust your vulnerability.
  • Tutorial Day: Aspects of Sexuality TT
    Apr 28 (10:00 - 17:00)
  • Tutorial Day: Factors Influencing Therapy
    May 02 (10:00 - 17:00)
  • The Gift: Living in the Present
    May 02 (19:30) - May 04 (21:00)
    "Now" is the only time we can influence. Enjoy the presence of others, music, play, nature and yourself. Take full advantage of each moment of your life. Life is a party when you are aware and open to the changes which are coming by. Let go of the past and let the future surprise you.
  • Counseling Skills
    May 02 (19:30) - May 04 (21:00)
    Counselling skills are essential tools for working with people, and are invaluable in daily life. With her long term professional experience, Gandha offers insight, a mature sensitive heart, and a clear practical approach. This workshop is especially recommended for people who want to use these skills in daily life or for professionals who want to extend their skills in the workplace.
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