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The Source of My Power is My Love

Interview with Veeresh by Geetee

The latest interview with Veeresh is called 'The Source of My Power is My Love'.

Here is an excerpt:

What does power mean to you?

Veeresh: What I learned today is that the source of my power is my love.

I used to think that it was being able to protect myself, to perform, or being a macho man. In the past I have been living in a state of defense, as a survival trip. I was trying to get around and manipulate situations, so that I could feel safe.

Over the years, I learned to trust the love in my heart and that I can deal with negativity in any situation, if I keep coming from that position. I know that if I have hate and I meet someone else's hate, it just promotes more hate. On the other hand, the power of love can transform everything."

In the interview Veeresh also talks about him being a kid playing baseball, being in prison, the abuse of power, people he admired including Osho, power as a blessing, Premdip, and more...

Myofascial Energetic Release Interview with Satyarthi

Interview with Satyarthi Peloquin by Sambodhi

It’s Okay to Be Me!

An interview with Sangita about the Sexuality Training

I grew up with the idea I wasn't attractive. Whenever a guy came close I would get a lot of feelings. Shame, embarrassment, anger, it was all there. I wanted intimacy, and at the same time I also pushed it away. I wanted to learn how to deal with the feelings and change my behavior.

The Love in your Heart is the Source for Enlightenment

Interview with Veeresh by Geetanand

This is the title of the last interview for the German Osho Times that, I, Geetanand did with Veeresh at the end of the WOW. Veeresh talks about the loving heart being the only position in life to come from.

Rajan videoed the interview and the results are beautiful; Veeresh sharing his love and his wisdom in his unique intimate and natural way. 

Read the transcripts of the interview or the German translation.

Myofascial Energetic Release

Interview with Satyarthi Peloquin by Sambodhi

Interview About:


Communal Evolution

Interview with Veeresh by Geetanand

Discovering the Master Inside of You

In this interview Veeresh talks about why the Humaniversity has been successful for over 30 years, and the significance of friendship within the staff.

Gratitude is a Quality of the Heart

Interview with Veeresh by Geetanand

I choose to come from a position of love and create relationships the way I would like to be treated. If the other doesn't respond, I don't get caught up with trying to get them to accept my love. My need is to love.

For me the Osho Humaniversity is an extension of Osho's dream, an opportunity to be myself, to share who I am and express my love. 

Interview About:

family, gratitude, how we work, love, parents

A Challenge to Be Yourself

Interview with Veeresh by Chandrika

Communal Living

A commune that is based on awareness and love gives a real sense of identity and belonging, which helps everyone to find out who they are. People start to look inside and understand that "I am lovable, I am a good person.

Celebration is the ideal way to live

Interview with Veeresh by Geetanand

Veeresh about the Tourist Program

The Tourist Program has been run at the Humaniversity for over 30 years. It has helped thousands of people to overcome personal crises and direct their lives in a more happy and cheerful direction.